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Throughout history, people have settled next to waterways because of the advantages they offer in transportation, commerce, energy, water supply, soil fertility, and even waste disposal. Many major cities are located along rivers, and even the smallest community is likely to be near a creek or stream. In spite of these benefits, however, our historic attraction to settling along rivers and streams is not without its drawbacks.

Human uses of floodplains are associated with dangers both to humans and to the natural functions of the riparian or floodplain environment. Loss of property and degradation of critical wildlife habitats are just two of the threats posed by civilization at the water's edge.

Hydrology, vegetation, wildlife, and soils in floodplains are intricately connected to one another. It is important to educate ourselves regarding the effects of flooding on the natural environment. Below are resources that can assist in providing guidance on how we as a community can protect wildlife and mitigate against impacts to the environment.

To learn more about watershed management and protection in San Antonio and Bexar County, visit the Bexar Regional Watershed Management website.

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